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的 Advantages of 3D Apartment Tours

杰夫•霍华德 October 22, 2019

Are you every frustrated by the lack of quality pictures or information about a listing you are interested in renting? 的 popularity of virtual or “3D” tours has exploded in recent years because they allow users to virtually experience a 位置 and maneuver around the space. 的 advantages of virtual tours include a realistic view of a space’s size, the ability to see the space from any angle, 当然, the simplicity of accessing the 3D apartment tour from anywhere with an internet connection. San Francisco is known for being a city of transplants with many people traveling from all over the globe. Because of this, many new San Franciscans are forced to rent an apartment site-unseen and may end up living somewhere that ends up looking different than the pictures. 三一 understands that many people cannot physically view their apartment before renting and greatly benefit from seeing a virtual tour before signing a lease. Let’s take a look at how virtual tours can give you an advantage in the apartment rental process.

View a full library of our 3D apartment tours here:

Property Exteriors

While interiors are typically more popular subjects for a 3D tour shoot, capturing an enclosed courtyard, 花园, or rooftop provides an excellent glimpse of shared spaces within a residential building. As shown above, the virtual tour of the beautiful courtyard at the 1059年联盟 公寓 俄罗斯山 lets users explore the entirety of the scenic space.

One tremendous outdoor 三一 space captured with Matterport technology is the jaw-dropping Piazza Angelo Courtyard at 三一的地方. This one-acre art-filled public 花园 located at the corner of 8th and Market is home to the largest statue in 的 City. Clearly making it one of the most picturesque places in San Francisco. While Piazza Angelo is much prettier in person, the virtual tour of this special spot is great for anyone interested in viewing who is not living locally.


Most San Francisco residential buildings have a lobby, but not all are treated the same! We take great pride in keeping our lobbies in excellent condition to make sure you always feel welcome when entering a 三一 building. 另外, Matterport 3D tours give you the ability to shoot connecting interior and exterior spaces such as the 滨海湾 or 水晶塔 lobby, pool, courtyard shown in one single scan!

工作室 Apartments

No matter the size or floorplan of an apartment, potential renters will always benefit from actually being able to “walk” around the space. 的 ability to see how you can make use of available space can do wonders for someone new to San Francisco. A 3D tour also allows the viewer to see each view from all angles so you can actually experience what lovely scenery would be outside your window!

Whether you’re looking for a fully-furnished San Francisco home or would rather decorate an unfurnished apartment (as shown above), 三一 has availability around 的 City! 从 SoMa to 码头,从 海洋海滩 to 北海滩, 三一 has 公寓 with flexible leasing terms available now. A majority of these homes are located at 三一的地方 in SoMa; 的 位置 of the 33 8th, 1190任务, 1188任务 公寓.

Jr. 1 Bedroom Apartments

One of the most popular rental options at 三一的地方 for residents needing a month-to-month lease is the fully-furnished Jr. 1 bedroom 公寓 available at 1188任务. Like many of our homes around SF, these ready-to-be-lived-in 公寓clude everything you need to move in today… just pack your clothes!

1 Bedroom Apartments

Another nice perk of using virtual tours is the ability to include a connecting outside deck to the interior scan. This allows viewers to see the approximate size, 位置, view from the exterior space that is part of the apartment.

An apartment’s view is a major factor for prospective renters comparing highrise buildings in a scenic city like San Francisco. 的 above 3D tour taken at a lofted apartment on the upper floors of 三一 Towers provides you with a phenomenal look at the view you’d see there on a clear day.

Another one-bedroom apartment displayed above shows off the bright and sunny 公寓 available at 1550 Bay Street. 的 view seen outside this apartment is Moscone Rec Center but other units in the complex can see 梅森堡, 码头 Green和/或 的 Golden Gate Bridge.

2 Bedroom Apartments

Speaking of unbelievable views, it’s hard to beat the 水晶塔 Apartments in 北海滩. Take a look at this wonderfully renovated two-bedroom apartment facing 阿尔卡特拉斯岛 and the bright blue bay just off its spacious deck!

Another ridiculously scenic two-bedroom home can be found in Pacific Heights’ Clay Park Tower. This modern home is located in the building’s top-floor and features wonderful views of the downtown skyline. 的 large quantity of 3D scan points allows for the viewer to take a peek out the window from various angles.

Matterport also creates a “dollhouse view” which can be useful for viewing the entirety of a multi-level floorplan. 虽然大多数 San Francisco 公寓 are just one floor, large multi-story homes look even better in 3D!

3 Bedroom Apartments

的 largest 公寓 within the 三一 portfolio contain three bedrooms and provide some of the most luxurious living in SF. 的 1000年栗 公寓 atop 俄罗斯山 boast tremendous views of the Golden Gate Bridge, 阿尔卡特拉斯岛, Treasure Island, 海湾大桥, downtown skyline and everything in between! Check out the virtual tour of apartment #12B to view one of the most breathtaking spaces in the building.

If you are interested in touring a roomy space suitable for multiple people in Pacific Heights, look no further than our three-bedroom 公寓 at 百老汇2000号. 的re’s so much room for activities!


3D Tour scans of amenity spaces are a great way for prospective residents to get a look and feel of the building without physically visiting. Take a look at the pool and fitness center at 百老汇2000号 to see if it would work for you!

Our 19th-floor resident lounge at 33 8th gives residents a nicely decorated and modern common area to hang out, 研究, or simply get outside their apartment. You can also take a look at the building’s state-of-the-art gym shown below.

3D tours are clearly a large part of the real estate industry’s present and future with more and more customers requesting this form of media. 的 ability to showcase a space exactly how it actually looks is a massive innovation in our industry and 三一 is proud to provide this service for our customers. 目前, all virtual tours can be viewed on their corresponding property website under the red “3D tour” tab in the upper righthand corner. 另外, users of 谷歌地图 can tour our 公寓 straight from the map using the Streetview application. Virtually explore hundreds of 三一 properties available across San Francisco today!