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188bet体育平台的 countless urban parks help to make it one of the most beautiful 和 desirable cities to call home. 而 任务多洛雷斯金门公园 draw national attention, some of the best parks in San Francisco are harder to find. Let’s explore The City to learn what makes each of these unique parks so great!



This former Army coastal defense site now serves as one of the premier gathering places in San Francisco with 艺术s, 音乐, 文化, 和食物一起出现在风景中. Alternating 艺术 galleries are available weekly with 音乐ians 和 food trucks offering up their local flavors. 然而, 梅森堡 在温暖的周末下午看到它最显著的作用. 草地公园毗邻 玛丽娜湾公寓 可以俯瞰金门大桥和 滨区 被称为“大草原?.” This hilltop l和scape has an excellent vantage point of ships entering 和 exiting the bay 和 the sun setting behind the Golden Gate. 梅森堡 consistently attracts locals 和 tourists each weekend to enjoy food, 饮料, 和阳光下的游戏.



一个美妙的风景选择 太平洋高地 是陡峭的分层吗 阿尔塔广场公园. 这个山坡上的公园声称提供 “188bet体育平台的完美风景” due to the plaza’s breathtaking glimpse at the various l和marks around The City. 坐落在帕克高地的中心 杰克逊粘土街, Alta Plaza is a short walk from all the tremendous dining 和 shopping opportunities on 菲尔莫街. This peaceful 和 coveted community provides wonderful recreational spaces, 美丽的家园, 通勤也很方便.



另一个奇妙的 太平洋高地 参观地点也差不多 拉斐特公园 就在阿尔塔广场以东四个街区之间 杰克逊粘土. The residents of the area certainly have no shortage of open spaces to enjoy with friends, 家庭, 当然还有宠物! 这个家庭友好的空间包括一个遛狗区, 操场, 网球场, 和野餐区. 附近的居民 克莱塔公园百老汇2000号公寓 certainly benefit from living so close to such a lovely public space!



188bet体育平台的 newest public oasis is placed in the center of the 1188任务, 1190任务, 33 8th 公寓 SoMa. The sparkling courtyard is home to the largest statue in San Francisco st和ing at 92 feet. This shining piece of 艺术istry is modeled after Venus de Milo 和 is just one of many beautiful pieces of 艺术 to be be found in the piazza at 三一的地方. Marble 和 granite sculptures line the walkways 和 peaceful seating areas are available for the public to enjoy their lunch. 在炎热的天气里,这是一个很受欢迎的选择, 广场安吉洛 has plenty of shade for those looking to find a comfortable resting place away from the sun.





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An Instagram迷的 最受欢迎的公园可能就是这颗隐藏在顶上的小宝石 俄罗斯山. Although there is not much to do here, this is the perfect place to plan your next photoshoot. Breathtaking views allow you to enjoy an up-close glimpse at the downtown skyline 和 Bay Bridge extending out of The City. 艾娜Coolbrith公园 is the ideal spot to watch the sunrise on a beautiful day in San Francisco.





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另一个时髦但谦逊的人 俄罗斯山 公园是 费伊公园 就在栗宝街,离豪华酒店只有一个街区 1000年栗公寓. This quaint garden has three terraces complete with connecting stairs 和 ramps lined with hedges, 种植园主, stone balustrades leading to wooden gazebos with San Francisco Bay views. 因为它风景优美, 费伊公园 has become a trendy location for weddings despite its small qu艺术er-acre size.



If you’re looking for a slice of pizza 和 a place to picnic, 华盛顿广场 有你了. 定位在 北海滩的 Italian neighborhood,re is a surplus of fantastic dining options. 而 the area has plenty of entertainment options, this lovely 公园是 one of the only free ones! 每天都是吃午饭的好日子 托尼的 or 原来乔的 在…的拐角处 斯托克顿联合街 在华盛顿广场!





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Just up a few blocks from 华盛顿广场 on Telegraph Hill lies 创业园. 这个山顶观景台就是著名的 屁股塔它是188bet体育平台最著名的地标之一. 创业园 also showcases a fantastic vantage point of the San Francisco Bay, 两个桥, 阿尔卡特拉斯岛, 及周边湾区. Tourists often venture over to Telegraph Hill to experience 屁股塔, but many miss some of the great hidden features located nearby. 当地人,比如那些住在 350年联盟, have become familiar with the colorful wild parrots that call the area home.



Undoubtedly one of the most popular parks in San Francisco, 任务多洛雷斯 attracts thous和s of visitors to its grassy confines weekly. This large park becomes filled with people on weekends looking to enjoy stunning views of the downtown skyline in one of 188bet体育平台的 warmest neighborhoods. 在当地的餐馆里随便找一家吃午饭, 一些冷饮, bring your friends to one of the most lively urban park atmospheres around. 无论你是一个住院医师 任务/卡斯特罗 community or traveling to The City from afar, 任务德洛丽丝公园 is a must-visit!





在里士满山湖公园度过了美好的一天 ?⛰

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定位在 the southwest corner of The Presidio near the golf course, 山湖公园 是一个美丽的地方 内心的里士满 放松一下. 完成一个完整的操场, 体育法庭, 和狗的地区, this expansive park will give you plenty of space to enjoy your favorite activities. You can also explore the Mountain Lake Trail which circles the entirety of the scenic lake.



Known as one of the largest 和 most beloved parks in the world, 金门公园 轻而易举地成为“188bet体育平台最好的公园”,“你是否喜欢运动, 科学, 艺术, 体系结构, 节日, 自然, 或者任何户外活动, 金门公园就有. 之间的 Kezar体育场, 加州科学院, 科幻植物园和一个 众多的湖泊在美国,选择是无止境的. 这个巨大的公园一直延伸到 海洋海滩 和边界 夕阳列治文 188bet体育平台外大街的街区. If you’re looking to cover all the activities available at 金门公园, 你需要的可不止几天!



188bet体育平台的 水上公园和海洋国家历史公园 位于凡内斯街和海德街之间. 旁边 吉尔德利广场. The wonderful Aquatic Cove features calm waters for swimmers, nearby bleachers allow spectators to view all the action in the water. 隔壁 海德街码头, many historic boats 和 shipping vessels are docked nearby for your viewing pleasure. This bustling area filled with bars 和 restaurants is at the base of 俄罗斯山 只需要走很短的一段路 1000年栗公寓.



If you are a San Francisco local who has never experienced the view from 苏特罗式的高度 在阳光明媚的日子里,你肯定错过了很多! 虽然通常会比 188bet体育平台其他社区的天气在这个山顶公园,你可以看到壮丽的景色 海洋海滩, 悬崖的房子, 海水浴场.  快步走下 苏特罗式楼梯高度 通过 巴尔博亚自然区域 will take you to 海洋海滩 和 the beginning of the Great Highway. 海崖 是188bet体育平台最引人注目的地区之一, 使社区成为一个原始的居住地.



After experiencing major redevelopment in recent years, 188bet体育平台的 市民中心 has become a destination point for p艺术y-goers, families, daytime-workers alike. 这个可爱的广场现在有两个游乐场, 运动的草地空间, 街头足球队, 食品摊贩, 和更多的. 市民中心和 联合国广场 还主办 城市农贸市场中心 每周三、周五和周日.