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Often misconceived, the neighborhood of 市民中心 is full of hidden gems and historic landmarks. 它位于188bet体育平台市中心的中心, which makes public transportation a breeze to get anywhere in the city. 头山, SOMA and the shopping mecca known as 联合广场 are just some of the surrounding neighborhoods, so you’ll never run out of places to see while in this centrally-located neighborhood. 市民中心 is also home for a lot of the big parades, festivals and concerts. You can BART, Muni, bike or even walk anywhere in downtown from 市民中心. We’ve put together a list of some must-try places in this unique, urban neighborhood.


农贸市场Conveniently located directly outside 市民中心 BART station, this 农场er’s market gives all the others a run for its money. While it doesn’t compare in size to the one at the Ferry Building, 这个亲密的农贸市场有最新鲜的农产品, frozen fish and decorative house plants at extremely affordable prices. Every Sunday and Wednesday, you can zig-zag through the booths that line the brick-strip of the U.N. Plaza and support small local 农场ers who strive to bring low-cost, 将优质农产品运往城市中心.


市政厅: 我在美国农业部的农贸市场逛了一圈.N. Plaza, walk straight across to the iconic 市政厅 building. It was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and re-opened in 1915 with the structure’s dome being the fifth-largest in the world. You can’t help but be in awe of this building’s beautiful architecture, 令人惊叹的室内和豪华楼梯. This is also a popular location for weddings because of the picturesque main room; Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio tied the knot here! You can take a free tour of the building on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am.


菲尔'z咖啡San Francisco is a city full of coffee enthusiasts and 菲尔'z咖啡 has created the perfect cup-of-joe since 2003. With over 20 different blends ranging from light to dark roast, Phil’z delivers authentic-tasting coffee for any type of coffee lover. Phil’z uses a single-cup brewing system that ensures each cup is made personally to your liking. If you’re looking for an undeniably exceptional cup of coffee and contagious smiles, 菲尔兹是开启一天的最佳方式.


简在费尔莫尔肉桂卷配浓咖啡糖霜? 法式吐司配新鲜蓝莓? 是的,请! Whether you’ve got a sweet-tooth for a home-made pastry or a craving for a healthy, 素食帕尼尼, 简是The Spot去吃一顿难忘的早餐, 午餐或甜点. Jane isn’t very noticeable from the street as it doesn’t have a sign on the exterior, 但狡猾的, 然而简单的装饰和巨大, 欢迎窗口一定会吸引你的眼球.

西贡三明治Don’t be turned-off by the line spilling out the door for this hole-in-the-wall joint. It’s pretty undeniable that Saigon has some of the most delicious Bahn Mi sandwiches San Francisco has to offer. 一次只有几个员工在工作, 你会惊讶于他们每一道菜的上菜速度有多快. Saigon wraps up your choice of flavorful meat with fresh veggies in a soft, 一个烤面包的价格似乎不太合理. But believe it because you can get a sandwich and a drink for as low as $5.


妓女虽然名字有问题, the salted caramels that are made in this local chocolatier are anything but. They’re carefully made with the hope of being the finest caramel you have ever tasted. Original sea salt caramel, nut caramel, cookie caramel and more! 妓女们不仅卖最好的焦糖方糖, but their bread pudding will soon be on the list of “Best Desserts You’ve Ever Had.“再来点胡克餐厅的咖啡或茶试试.

联合广场As 联合广场 is one “must-see” destination in downtown San Francisco, 它是那里最受欢迎的旅游景点之一. A good piece of advice is to avoid going to 联合广场 directly before or after Christmas Day, or else you’ll drowning in tourists who are trying to get photos with the Christmas decorations and frantically getting last-minute holiday shopping done. Take a break from all the shopping and have a slice of cheesecake on the top of the Macy’s at the Cheesecake Factory. You can also hop on the iconic San Francisco cable car from here, win-win.



废话香肠和啤酒,谁都可以? After doing a little shopping in 联合广场, stroll right down the street to refuel at 废话. This contemporary gastropub recently opened in December and isn’t going anywhere soon! 垃圾不是典型的188bet体育平台美食酒吧. Choose from a selection of 30 craft beers on tap and pair it with a juicy, 自制香肠浸泡在光滑的香肠里, 现代装饰和热闹的氛围的废话.



温柔的End your busy day exploring 市民中心/downtown with a relaxing glass of wine at 温柔的. The comfortable ambiance and friendly staff will be sure to make you feel at home. 温柔的特点是不太势不可挡, 但酒单并不有限, 你可以按杯点哪一种, 半瓶或满瓶. You can enjoy a flight in the main bar or take your glass upstairs to the lounge, where you can admire the framed art on the walls or people-watch from the couch near the window. Don’t forget to order the cheese plate to get the full wine and cheese bar experience at 温柔的.

城市中心附近的市区是一个热闹的地方, avant-garde part of San Francisco that is always has something going on. There’s a perfect mixture of tourist attractions and local spots to balance anyone’s mood in the chaos of downtown.